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Not sure where to start or need some help with Camping Buddy? Read our handy FAQs below.


What is Camping Buddy?

Camping Buddy is a free, tailored packing tool which allows you to create a customised checklist with your friends. Camping Buddy keeps tabs on what items your camping group has, what you need to borrow, and where you’re going to source it from so you can build a quality set-up to last all the festivals to come.

How do I know what to pack for a camping festival?

After you select which festival you're attending, Camping Buddy will provide you a curated list of packing items. You don't have to bring everything that is suggested, simply select the items you want, and Camping Buddy will help you plan the rest!

How do I add friends to my campsite group?

Easy! Just follow these three simple steps:

  • On the Home screen, click your avatar or hit 'Edit Group' 
  • Add your friend's name as well as their email address. They'll immediately get an email to join Camping Buddy.
  • Make sure your friend registers with the email address you've listed in our to access your team. Once they signed up, you’ll receive a Notification.

How do I organise my items?

On the List screen, select ‘Organise Me’ next to an item. Assign the item to the person who who is responsible for it. If they're in Camping Buddy, they'll receive a notification to accept or reject your request. If they aren't in Camping Buddy, you can allocate the item to them and send them an exported list later.

Can I add or remove items?

Yes. After you set up your festival group, you can add or remove as many items as you wish in the List page.

I want to create lists for my group of friends to act on, but I want total control over the list making. How do I achieve this and world domination?

Sure, just add your friends but don’t add their email addresses. That way you can share what you want them to source but they will have no control over the list itself. Also, I think we should be friends.

Can I have multiple festivals on Camping Buddy?

Yes you can, you party animal! Head to the Settings page where you'll find the My Events banner to add additional festivals. You can easily switch between festivals to organise each of your camping lists.

I think this is pretty cool, but why didn’t you make an app?

Well look, we had to make some hard choices, and this was one of them. Good thing for you is that there’s a way to quickly make a Camping Buddy icon on your phone. Simply open up Camping Buddy on your phone’s web browser and then click the three dots to the top right of your screen. Click  ‘Add to Home screen’ or something similar and a clickable icon will appear next to your other apps so you can access Camping Buddy on the go.

Why has my planet changed colour?! It looks crispy now.

Click on your planet to learn about your Earth Score, but long story short if you are buying new camping gear all the time (especially things like tents, chairs, etc) then your score goes down and your Earth goes brown. Did you know one single use tent is equivalent to 8750 straws? Try to borrow, reuse, or hire your gear to help protect our environment.

How can I hire stuff from the festival I’m going to?

If we’ve been working with a festival (i.e. you see their logo in our list) then all hiring options will appear in the 'organise' page, along with a direct link to the supplier. If it isn’t an option and you click ‘hire’ when you’re organising your item, we’ll give them feedback that they should provide hiring options! After all, making festivals more sustainable is a two-way street.

Can I export my list?

Yes, click the Share icon on the List page and Camping Buddy will generate a web link with your full list you can share to anyone. 

I want to make a difference because I’ve seen how big a problem camping waste is, but it’s overwhelming and my friends don’t seem to care about it as much as I do.

We know this is a big, complicated problem with no easy solution. One of the best things you can do is to plan ahead and avoid your friends purchasing cheap single use camping year. We made Camping Buddy to try to make that job a little easier. 

Is Camping Buddy free?

Yes, Camping Buddy is 100% free for users. It was designed by the independent not-for-profit Green Music Australia in partnership with QUT to try and reduce the massive issue of festival campsite waste. Together with festivals, we hope that Camping Buddy will encourage music lovers to plan ahead and reduce the impact music festivals have on our environment. After all, there's no music on a dead planet.

I have another question.

Please Contact Us for other questions.

I run a festival and would love to partner with Camping Buddy.

We are always keen to partner with more festivals. Please contact us.