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Less pack, more party!

Ditch the stress of festival planning. Camping Buddy's free tailored planning tool allows you to create a customisable checklist with your festival crew, making last minute packing panic a thing of the past.

Camping Buddy keeps tabs on what items your camping group has, what you need to borrow, and where you’re going to source it from so you can build a quality set-up to last all the festivals to come. If you don’t know what to bring or you’re camping with a crew, you need this.

Bringing too much (or the wrong stuff!) can ruin your campsite experience and create huge waste build-ups that damage the precious natural environment our festivals are held on. 

By planning ahead and borrowing more, you can avoid making the last minute campsite purchases which hurt your wallet and the planet. 

Camping Buddy is funded by the NSW Environmental Trust.


Ready to get started? Start organising your campsite by using the free Camping Buddy tool.
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